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I am focused.
I am dedicated.
I am passionate.
I am dependable.
I am honest.
I am a quick learner.
I am efficient.

About Me

"Give me time and I can learn anything because I love learning and desire constructive criticism with different opinions. If you know a better way of doing something, don't be shy to tell me."

How My Passion Was Ignited...

Ever since the days of the 386 processor, I have been into computers. When I got my first computer, I strived to learn everything I could learn about computers. When the Internet first came "publicly" available, I set out to learn as much as I could about everything from programming to graphic design to Web design & development to 2D/3D art to building computers. I started teaching myself, through tutorials and practice, how to make websites and graphics during high school with Notepad and Jasc Paint Shop Pro (now owned by Corel).

I then went to college to refine all of my current skills and to learn even more.

My first Web job was working on freelancing work, then my first full-time job was creating product pages for an e-commerce store. I knew I could do more so I asked my manager if I could work on programming cool features into the system. I then did a mix of programming/designing. I eventually got promoted to a Team Lead. I even created my own social networking website (while at a full-time job) at SoMoodee.com to strengthen my Web skills in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX and Apache. After about 3 years, I went to Vanguard, where I currently work now on a continuous delivery and agile team developing a Responsive Web Design website.

For me, coding beautifully is a work of art. Writing testable, modular and maintainable code is very important.

Want to know something about me not concerning my work experience? Well, my primary hobby is racing, especially rallycross and stage rally racing. I volunteer at Street Survival school to teach new drivers how to handle emergency situations. I also have some tips on driving for new drivers that you may not learn in driver's education.

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